Choosing the best binary options strategy

As an investor in binary options, you’ve many options and strategies at your disposal. It is recommend trying different strategies and using the most profitable one at the end. Once you’ve learned how to use one among the strategies productively, you can slowly increase other ones in your repertoire. In this way, you’ll always have many different options for getting as high yield as possible. So, here are some of the most profitable and popular strategies.

Strategy 1: Binary option pairs

You have two trading assets in this trading and you should know whether either value will boost compared to other one within a preferred period. It’s a mainly good strategy in the situations wherein you believe that a particular event will increase the worth of another asset and turn down value of another.

Strategy 2: Long-term binary option

Long-term binary option is just like stock investing. The time of expiry may differ from some hours to many days and months. It is perfect for those who invest larger amount of money and wish to cautiously analyze trading asset before investing.

Strategy 3: 60-second binary options

60-second binary options tend to be the exact opposite of long-term binary option. They are short-term types of investment wherein the risks are substantial, but if you discover how to make profits with them, the sky is limit for you when it comes to earning money. 60-second options are appropriate for investors capable to accept the reality that if they wish to win lots of money, then they need to be ready to lose out a lot occasionally.

Strategy 4: One touch binary option

When you’re trading with the one touch binary option, you make profits when the price goes below or above the set targeted price. On the good side is the reality that after you hit the targeted price, your investment can’t go wrong, even though the value of asset changes in other direction robustly subsequently.

Strategy 5: Binary option ladder trading

The ladder trading means, you’ve numerous different levels, each are paid certain percentage of yields. This type of investment is appropriate for those cases wherein the investor thinks he knows what direction the trading asset value will follow, however it isn’t sure at all about how much value ultimately will alter and in what amount of time.

Strategy 6: Pinocchio strategy

It’s one of the simplest and clearest strategies. When the worth of trading asset increases, it is anticipated to fall, and when the value of an asset falls, it’s expected to grow. The investor invests in opposite direction always of market trend. It works under the theory that markets frequently overreact to some news, and due to this, value changes temporarily more than it must change, correcting itself, later or sooner.

Strategy 7: Support and resistance line strategy

Support line tends to be the specific point of which worth doesn’t change lower and resistance line is a point of which higher value doesn’t rise. These frequently apply mainly in certain commodities, like the value of sugar or coffee. When values are seeing a certain range in the framework, it’s easy for the investors to advantage, when he finds that the worth is, approaching any one among the two levels as well as will most probably go in other direction quite soon.